Jahdon Is “COOKING” Up Some Music

New single out now via Look Ya Now Entertainment

Distributed by Tuff Gong International



Jahdon is “Cooking” up a storm, musically, spiritually and physically. Early youthful experiences as ‘Broomie’, the broom maker contributed to a keen sense of home and family in the small rural town of Canaan Heights, Jamaica. Other daily activities also evolved into a spiritually melded experience through the earthly connection of Ital cooking. When Jahdon blazes up a spliff while harvesting and cooking nutritious grains and vegetables, his joyful energies are revealed as a  musical celebration reflective of Rastafari livity. Art, culture and daily life become a blending of intellectual consciousness, a metaphysical experience of euphoric creativity. 

Jahdon is currently prepping ingredients for an exciting second album with the release of a new single and video entitled “Cooking.” There is no ‘chick’ in his delicious Ital meal, except for chickpeas, and while the fyah burns, crackling and boiling, he dances, he sings and he cooks to the aromatic delight embraced by friends and family. Music and food are paired in a sensual ital stew of sounds and smells.

Although, Jahdon is devoted to the comforts of home life, it was entrepreneurial instincts in 2017 that jump started a professional music career through the creation of his own record label Look Ya Noww Entertainment.  After, the success of his first hit single “Congo Bongo,” in 2017, Jahdon was invited to participate in a multitude of radio and TV interviews, and performed at many shows in Jamaica and South Florida. The promotion and excitement from this experience included the release of his first album 369 in February 2020.  When Jahdon is not performing, and especially during the unexpected impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, he could be found either planting in a lush tropical garden, or seasoning up a pot of Ital food, further inspiring his lyrical palette. From the seeds of patience and the demands of time came a powerful single titled “Here We Go” recorded with another talented Clarendon artist, Truvice, and released in November, 2020.

Jahdon’s perseverance and expanding need to express day to day life through his creative  musical styles are now manifested in the seeds of his upcoming album that will further establish his personal trademarks into reggae fame. The single “Cooking” is released today, April 16th on all digital platforms, and is distributed by Tuff Gong International. A beautiful music video of Jahdon gathering his bountiful ingredients and simmering delights of the farmer’s cook pot is released also on Jahdon’s VEVO channel. For those who have been bubbling with musical hunger, Jahdon’s “Cooking” is a tasty treat to enrich the soul.