Put2sleep x Danger Ranger release “Hallelujah” a raw freestyle odyssey out now

Put2sleep x Danger Ranger release “Hallelujah”

A Raw Freestyle Odyssey

Out today April 18 via Put2sleep Bookings

Distributed by Tuff Gong International




For Immediate Release: (Dar es Salaam / Kingston) April 19, 2024: 

In a striking collaboration that bridges continents and genres, the Tanzania-based producer duo Put2sleep teams up with the astonishingly talented Danger Ranger from Arusha, Tanzania, to release “Hallelujah” out today distributed by Tuff Gong International. This track is a raw, freestyle exploration of the daily grind, the enveloping shadows of addiction, and the clinging to a sliver of hope for something better.


Far removed from the tranquil reflections of a Sunday morning hymn, “Hallelujah” is a potent blend of hard-hitting rhymes and soaring vocals that offers a visceral insight into life’s relentless battles. Put2sleep, consisting of Kelvin Kiure (Kwikwiri) and Alfred Rodgers (Throneboy), alongside Danger Ranger, known for his shocking rapping talent and burgeoning fanbase, creates a musical masterpiece that speaks directly to the soul.


The collaboration between Put2sleep and Danger Ranger is nothing short of magical, with each artist bringing their unique strengths to the table. The track’s compelling beats and raw, emotive lyrics create a soundscape that is both haunting and deeply moving, capturing the essence of the human struggle with unflinching honesty.


“Hallelujah” is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. It is an anthem for those who have faced the darkness and continue to search for the light. This release solidifies Put2sleep and Danger Ranger’s positions as innovative and influential voices in the music industry, capable of crafting songs that resonate on a deeply personal level.


Experience “Hallelujah,” a track that is not just music but a movement. It’s a call to all who navigate the rough waters of life, offering solidarity, strength, and hope.


About Put2sleep:

Put2sleep is a dynamic producer duo from Tanzania, comprising Kelvin Kiure (Kwikwiri) and Alfred Rodgers (Throneboy). Known for their innovative soundscapes and compelling storytelling, they have quickly established themselves as visionary artists within the music scene.


About Danger Ranger:

Danger Ranger is a gifted rapper from Arusha, Tanzania, whose remarkable talent has garnered a substantial following. Known for his electrifying performances and profound lyrical depth, Danger Ranger continues to push the boundaries of the genre, captivating audiences worldwide.