KHRISTOPHER puts emotion into his new single “LOVE YU SELF”

KHRISTOPHER puts emotion into his new single “LOVE YU SELF


Out Now via Singry Records

Distributed by Tuff Gong International






Singer Khristopher isn’t one to shy away from sharing his feelings and emotions in music.

Having scored hits with covers of “Who’s Holding Donna Now,” “All I Have,” “That Way” and “Tell Me You Will,” Khristopher has made his mark as a modern-day ‘Romeo.’

His latest single, “Love Yu Self,” continues in the tradition of showcasing his fine-tuned vocals and lyricism. He said that the single was inspired by females being unappreciative.

“The song is very relatable to me because I’ve found myself in situations like this one in the past, where no matter what or how much you do for someone, it would seem like it’s not enough,” he explained.

He added, “Singing is all about feelings and emotions to me. If fans can hear and feel my emotions through my music, then that’s a win for me. So, it’s very important to show that side of me to my listening audience.”

About Khristopher:

Born Mark Wayne Williams in Falmouth, Trelawny in Jamaica, he was nicknamed Khris by his mother after his distinctive birth date December 25th. Khristopher enjoyed listening to all genre of music at a tender age and at 12 years old he relocated to Brooklyn, NY where he continued his schooling. He frequented New York area clubs where he followed his love of music on the dancehall scene.


Khristopher was motivated by the singing inspiration of Reggae artists such as Sanchez, Wayne Wonder and Tony Curtis. International renowned artistes Marvin Gaye, Bruian McKnight and Usher.  He got his first experience of studio life at Don One Studio in Brooklyn where he began to record dub plates for local area sound systems. In 1999, Khristopher met Louis “Flabba” Malcolm in the Bronx where he recorded a cover version of the Backstreet Boys hit “I Want It That Way” on Flabba’s Headache riddim, which commanded the attention of the music world.  His musical talents were acknowledged and his fanbase commenced and continues to grow today. On the heels of that success, Khristopher recorded another cover N*SYNC’s  “All I Have To Give”on Flabba’s Hurricane riddim.  With this success he continued to perform on shows in the New York tri-state and Connecticut areas.


In 1999, Khristopher made a career shift to move back to Jamaica as he wanted to further pursue his musical career through working with other Jamaican producers which included Jeremy Harding, Colin ’Bulby’ York, and Dilesser (Big Jeans Records). “Who’s Holding Donna,” one of Khristopher’s memorable covers hit #2 on the tri-state’s Top 20 Reggae Countdown and received famed recognition internationally. He takes pride in his songwriting abilities which includes original works such as“Mind Yu Business” produced by Colin (Bulby) York on the Fat Eyes Record label, “Vex Now” feat. Delly Ranks for Jeremy Harding, “Unconditional Love” produced by Flabba, “Every Time It Rains,” also produced by ‘Bulby’ York.  Khristopher has released several singles on his own record label such as “My Cherie Amour,” “Waiting For You” and “This Christmas” a very lovely Christmas cover just to name a few.


Khristopher’s latest singles include ”Love Yu Self” and “Friends” on his Singry Records label and distributed by Tuff Gong International. With his passion for music, Khristopher’s sultry voice shows a talent commanded for in the music world. As a singer, songwriter and now a producer, Khristopher captures the attention of young to middle age music lovers. His soulful and passionate sound is one that can be recognized for all who enjoy music.